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Certified Bookkeeper


Bookkeeping is a process to record and store the financial proceedings of a business firm or an individual. The type of transactions included in this procedure is the billing of goods and services provided to the customers. Also, it involves the handling of matters related to the pay of employees, monitoring accounts, and providing financial reports. Presently, a by computer software named QuickBooks is managing this task.

Bookkeeper and its role

A person who manages the duties as mentioned above is known as a bookkeeper. He works in a small or mid-sized business firm to keep a track record of its economic transactions like sales, purchases, payroll, payment of bills, etc. daily. A certified bookkeeper has to present their knowledge, skills and experience to perform the following duties:

  • Making financial data entries
  • Preparing trial balances
  • Developing cash payments
  • Depositing money
  • Performing payroll administration duties.
  • Filing of tax returns.

Certified bookkeeper training

The course that mainly teaches the individuals regarding the process of keeping records of financial payments and reducing costs is called a bookkeeping course. Moreover, it also provides training to the owners of small business setups for creating a reliable bookkeeping system for their organization. Also, it gives a brief understanding of the concepts such as double-entry and accounts preparation. After the successful completion of this course, one will get graduated as a certified bookkeeper.

Importance of Certified bookkeeper training

Certified bookkeeper training provides the following benefits:

  • An extensive review of this profession along with its role and influence in the business perspective
  • A clear understanding of keeping records and spreadsheets
  • Effective dealing with the invoices
  • Guidance on improving cash flows
  • Teaching a method of drawing budgets
  • Knowledge regarding the usage of financial accounts, stock control and wage books
  • Introduction of the credit policies and credit control methods
  • Organizing and easy to use information
  • Identifying loss and profits for the smooth running of a business
  • Managing individual accounts for debtors and creditor
  • Getting an idea of bank and supplier reconciliation
  • Preparing payroll transactions

Course modules for certified bookkeeper training

This training has the following course modules:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Cash flow and Budgeting
  • Petty Cash, Stock Control and Balance Sheets
  • Credit Control

Who should take the certified bookkeeper training course?

Certified bookkeeper’s training should be undertaken by:

  • Newcomers to the industry
  • Existing workers in the bookkeeping sector
  • Candidates holding bachelors or advanced accountancy and finance degrees
  • Accounting workers who wish to enhance their bookkeeping skills
  • Owners of small business firms
  •  Individuals know debits and credits, along with the balance sheet and income statement.
  • Clients with strong mathematical and technical skills

Suitable job opportunities 

The best-suited career options after completing the training of a bookkeeping course are listed below:

  • Certified bookkeeper
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Assurance Manager
  • Financial Assurance Specialist
  • Internal Auditor
  • Senior Auditor
  • Senior Budget Analyst

The job role of a certified bookkeeper

He/ she should be able to perform the following job roles:

  • Every financial detail will be noticed and recorded
  • Carefully dealing with the transactions as a small mistake can lead to more significant budgeting problems
  • Should be a multitask person
  • Able to handle four or five different projects at a time
  • Available to work for straight eight hours
  • The average salary of a certified bookkeeper ranges from £24,000 to £32,500

Future Connect provides certified bookkeeper training

We are a professional accounting training firm based in different cities of the United Kingdom. We offer various courses of Bookkeeping along with the practices of being a certified bookkeeper. These are designed to meet the employer’s demands. We also make an individual learn about the principles of Bookkeeping and practical knowledge for a professional working environment.

We provide a CPD approved training completion certificate that will help you boost your job hunting in Bookkeeping and accountancy field. Moreover, our training centres have a friendly environment along with flexible timings.

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Our offices are in London, Harrow and Birmingham. Also, our training centres and support system are open seven days a week. If you are interested in enrolling with us, give us a call at 02037908674 or 01212959988 to book the training sessions according to your suitable time slot. For further information about our offerings, please visit our official website. https://www.fctraining.org/  You can also schedule a free consultation online by visiting the following portal. https://www.fctraining.org/book-free-consultation.php