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Accounts Receivable Training Near Me

Accounts Receivable 

Accounts Receivable is the sum owed to a business arising from another company offering loan products or services. It is also known as trade receivable. Moreover, it refers to the amount that a business has a right to receive because it has delivered a commodity. It also constitutes a credit line extended by a company.

Moreover, the sum owed to the business recorded in its Accounts Receivable general ledger accounts, whereas the remaining unpaid balance on the account is on the balance sheet of the company. This remaining amount is known as a credit balance.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable

Below mentioned are the benefits of account receivable:

  • It is essential in analyzing business financial conditions
  • It also helps in improving the company’s economic and cash position
  • It measures the company’s ability to deal with the profit and loss accountability
  • It also takes account of the firm’s turnover 
  • It further helps to calculate the period for collection of the account balance 
  • It assists in controlling over cash by improving working capital
  • It also increases accounts receivable management efficiency
  • It improves customer service and communication
  • It also helps to minimize administrative costs and credit risk

Accounts Receivable Training

Reports receivable training will provide an introduction and a clear cut perspective of dealing with the accounts receivables. It further makes an individual learn about the billing, tracking and collection of money owed to a business firm. Also, this training provides various business organizations with an idea regarding their financial worth in the industry and helps them in boosting their services. 

Apart from that, the candidates will also get an understanding of the company’s profit and loss situations. They also get to know about the management of cash flows. This training will be a combination of theoretical courses along with professional practices and will provide comprehensive guidance in the practical context with the use of examples and case studies. 

Objectives of the Accounts receivable training 

Accounts receivable training intends the participants to achieve the following goals.

  • Understanding the principles of account receivable system
  • Efficient dealing of the staff with the basics of accounts receivable
  • Effectual working for the maximization of profit goals
  • Managing the cash flows practically
  • Identify best practices in all sectors
  • Analytically incorporate risk measures into these accounts
  • Using the financial results including the account receivable turnovers
  • Calculating the interests on the accounts
  • Record credit card sales and collections

Courses included in the Accounts receivable training

Following sessions will provide a brief overview of the receivables accounts:

  • An introduction to Accounts Receivable 
  • Customers and trading terms 
  • Development of effective strategies to maximize cash collection 
  • Practical collection tools and techniques 
  • Managing the Receivables Ledger 

Enrollment criteria for Account Receivable Training

Candidates getting enrolled in the training should have:

  • A degree or background in accounting, finance or related field.
  • Education along with professional experience
  • Strong mathematical and computer skills 
  • Understanding of the bookkeeping software
  • Good typing skills
  • Excellent communication, research, problem-solving, and time management skills.
  • Detail-oriented
  • Accountable and efficient in dealing with the business matters
  • Customer service skills

Possible job opportunities

Following are the offered job roles after the successful completion of this training:

  • Accounts receivable specialist
  • Accounts receivable clerk
  • Accounts receivable trainer 
  • Accounts receivable manager
  • Accounts receivable team lead
  • Accounts receivable administrator
  • Accounts receivable assistant
  • Accounts receivable supervisor

The average salary of the accounts receivable job posts ranges from £23,000 to £32,500.

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